Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between your paper types?


I use CENTURION Photo Silk 285 paper. The paper is specifically designed for high quality professional digital photographic output. It is super white and beautifully smooth which allows it to maintain an increased colour gamut, deeper black density, and improved scuff resistance. It has a 90 year archival stability rating.

I think the ocean, and water in general look amazing in the Metallic Pearl finish, it is the finish I use for all of my personal work. It represents my vision of how the completed image should look. I recommend it to clients who are after that deluxe point of difference, it looks great under glass when framed too. It also has a 90 year archival stability rating.


Torino 17M is the benchmark as far as canvas goes. This award winning canvas has been independently tested and passes 100 year permanence ratings from two industry leading laboratories.

Some other key factors with Torino 17M include:

  • Anti-fungal components that restrict the growth of fungus or mould
  • Helps protect against scratches or abrasions
  • Helps protect against damage from airborne contaminants such as Smoke, Dust, Aerosols, and cooking fumes
  • Allows the canvas to be wiped for cleaning

Canvas is tensioned and stretched onto a Professional Stretcher Bar unlike some who use standard rounded pine. The stretcher bar is kiln dried (so there is no moisture and no warping in years to come), finger jointed, profiled plantation pine. Stainless Steel staples are used so there will be no rust spots.

How long does it take to dispatch my order?

Most print orders are dispatched within 24hrs of receiving payment.

For framed orders it usually takes about 6 working days, as the prints need to de-fume (cure) before being sealed behind glass. These turn around times are flexible due to workload, seasonal fluctuations and stock availability.

Do you ship all items internationally?

Yes. Several times a week! Postage can be a little expensive on FRAMED goods overseas though, as the delicate nature of glass and extra reinforcements needed to keep it secure add weight, some people prefer to buy a print and get the work framed locally to keep shipping costs down. 

If you do want framed images sent outside of Australia it is not a problem. Every precaution is taken in regards to padding and wrapping, I also make custom wooden boxes for each individual piece and i'm happy to say that from several hundred - we haven't had a damaged work yet! 


What exactly do the frame colours look like?

See below: